Subaru: Share The Love Voting


How to grow the Subaru community on Facebook avoiding tactics that merely gain a “like” without true engagement?


Looking at the activity on Facebook for 2010, I identified engagement spikes that coincided with brand campaigns.

Focusing on one campaign, the Subaru Share The Love sales event, I developed a strategy for a program that did more than just push out content. Share the Love is an annual program during the holidays where Subaru donates money to the charity of your choice when you purchase a car.

For 2011, it made sense to involve the Facebook community, giving them the exclusive opportunity to choose one of the five charities. The naturally shared content was augmented by a Facebook media campaign featuring sponsored stories so friends would see their friends voting and liking Subaru.


  • Facebook community more than doubled during the campaign, exceeding the client’s goal
  • Subaru’s wall post activity on Facebook increased from 7 per day to 122 per day during campaign
  • Potential reach from earned media via personal recommendations across Facebook exceeded 15 Million impressions