Subaru: Dog Tested Mobile


For the past 2 years, “Dog Tested” has successfully engaged experience seekers in an emotional way with a lot of brand personality. It works to pulse one of Subaru’s core passion pillars by emphasizing the human factor in dogs to create an emotional response.

With year three, how can Subaru continue to engage Experience Seekers and position Subaru as a brand for dog lovers, while deepening interaction with the brand?


While the Dog Tested campaign had many traditional campaign elements, to stand out in a crowded automotive field, Subaru had to innovate by providing tools to inspire storytelling and sharing to strengthen brand affinity that extended well past the life cycle of the traditional campaign.

We partnered with MapMyFitness to create the Subaru MapMyDogwalk. By integrating the Subaru brand into a healthy, daily and social activity we were exposing the brand to users’ friends with every Facebook post or Tweet. The brand became an API.


  • The app received the highest rating (5 stars) in the iTunes store from 75% of the reviewers, with another 18% giving it 4 stars.
  • Over 60,000 downloads which spiked around launch date 1/20 and remained stable through most of campaign, spiking again around Westminster dog show. Notably, daily downloads have averaged almost 300/day following the campaign conclusion.
  • In-app Subaru mobile banners CTR was 0.92% compared to MapMy apps’ average CTRs from 0.30% to 0.50%
  • Subaru interstitial banner CTR was 8.64% compared to MayMy apps’ average CTRs from 1% to 5%