Digidoo: Digital Crafts


How can we offer families with young children constructive and rewarding activities on a home computer that wasn’t a video game or a movie?


Concepted, named and designed a line of retail software tailored for girls, 7-12 years-old. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Flash guru, Joey Lott. From the introduction screens to the interface to the website, the entire experience is mindful of its audience. In fact, we filled a niche we coined e-crafts that combined easy-to-use software with tactile crafts such as stickers and glitter glue.

Under the name, DoodleLab, a sister company to HamiltonPartners, my team created original music, graphics, videos, project templates and sound effects to tie the entire experience together.

Try a demo of the Card Studio software on an archived version of the Digidoo Crafts website.