Klout Perk: Subaru Dog Tested


For the past 2 years, “Dog Tested” has successfully engaged experience seekers in an emotional way with a lot of brand personality. It works to pulse one of Subaru’s core passion pillars by emphasizing the human factor in dogs to create an emotional response.

How could Subaru reach dog lovers through a less traditional, more social channel?


By partnering with Klout, the standard for measuring online influence, we could identify dog and pet lovers who had a strong propensity to be vocal on their social networks like Facebook and Twitter. We offered a free custom Subaru dog blanket to the first 600 participants to claim the perk.


  • Demand for this KloutPerk was extremely high and the limit was reached in less than 24 hours
  • Through these 600 influencers, the campaign generated 5.5MM impressions, efficiently reaching a highly targeted, actively engaged audience.
  • Klout influencers engaged beyond the perks page with 70% visiting Subaru’s Dog Tested Facebook page.