HP: eKit Consumer Ad Units

HP, a company known for its technology, particularly in printers, generates a substantial amount of revenue from the paper and toners that supply those printers. Dig around HP.com and you’ll discover a treasure trove of home and small business projects which HP freely gives away in the hopes people will use more supplies. The problem HP faced though, was nobody knew those projects existed.

Rather than run banner ads that try to drive a person to the HP website, we created a shareable widget allowing people create and print right from the banner without ever leaving the page.

The HP eKits are placed through media buys in a standard 300×250 unit and upon interaction, they expand to reveal myriad inspirational projects to the viewer.

This design was a repeatable, dynamic solution for HP and an innovative way to spread HP creative printing projects out to their loyal printer customers. Utilizing xml, swapping projects and coupons could be done on the fly.